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About Karen


Hi there! My name is Karen and I am the artist behind Casa de papel. Wow! I barely can believe I dare to call my self an artist but I understood that to make things possible you need to trust in yourself first! 

Before casa de papel was created, I used to be a Spanish teacher. I'd teach adults and kids of all ages until I realized that teaching preschoolers a second language was a lot more fun so I focus on that for a few years. Although I loved my carrier, I always felt like doing something more artistic, more creative! So after I had my second baby and I couldn't teach anymore I thought it was the perfect time to start something new and that's whenI created Casa de papel. You would always find me drawing my little family in notebooks, paper towels, on everything until I thought that it would be cool to learn how to use watercolors. That's how casa de papel opened as a business, only selling faceless watercolor family portraits. Little by little I started adding more and more products to it like stickers, phone cases, apparel, tote bags, glass cups and the ultimate best seller Faceless Acrylic portraits! I thinks that the chances of keep growing your business or anything in life are endless as long as you put effort and passion in everything you do! 

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my dream and small business!

               HAPPY SHOPPING!

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